Chapter 1: The Economics of Influence
Chapter 2: Listening is Free
Chapter 3: Talking and Participating
Chapter 4: Bambi's Got an AK-47
Chapter 5: Trust and Faith
Chapter 6: The Traditional's Handbook

Chapter 7: Business as a Publisher

Chapter 8: New Media Means New Management

Chapter 9: Calgon, Take Me Away!

Chapter 10: Measure, Analyze, Rinse, Repeat

Chapter 11: Knit One, Purl Two


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This book captures the perfect mix of humor, reality and no-nonsense examples that every executive can relate to. It made me cheer and laugh, all the while making me want to buy copies for all of my clients and potential clients.

- C.C. Chapman - Partner, The Advance Guard

From shifting company culture and mindset to applying New Media tools and techniques, "Read This First" gives executives and managers the foundation they need to get started.

- Karen Bartleson, Senior Director of Community Marketing at Synopsys and Author of The Standards Game

Ron Breaks down New Media in a clear, concise, high-level manner that is sure to "click" with business people everywhere.

- Corey James Scribner,

Social media is a new and constantly changing medium for businesses to learn... and I think it would help the uninitiated to read this book not just first but TWICE.

- Mike Kilroy Vice President, Maples Communications

The challenge with social media is not how to use the tools - any recent college graduate or goateed under-employed social media consultant can do that. The problem is getting your corporate culture to change. "Read This First" talks about business results and the political challenges you will face as you do it.

- John Wall, Ronin Marketeer

Finally, a New Media book written squarely for those in the C-Suites. With it's no-nonsense approach and vivid examples, "Read This First" is an important guidebook on New Media for executives.

- David Jacobs, Connected World Media, LLC